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Z. Cai*, W. Xie*, Z. Bao# (2024) Broadening the targetable space: engineering and discovery of PAM-flexible Cas proteins. Trends in Microbiology In press.

L. Deng, Y. Zhou, Z. Cai, J. Zhu, Z. Li, Z. Bao# (2024) Massively parallel CRISPR-assisted homologous recombination enables saturation editing of full-length endogenous genes in yeast. Science Advances 10 (20), eadj9382.

Z. Bao, M. HamediRad, P. Xue, H. Xiao, I. Tasan, R. Chao, J. Liang, H. Zhao# (2018) Genome-scale engineering of Saccharomyces cerevisiae with single nucleotide precision. Nature Biotechnology 36 (6), 505-508.

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Z. Bao, S. Jain, V. Jaroenpuntaruk, H. Zhao# (2017) Orthogonal genetic regulation in human cells using chemically induced CRISPR/Cas9 activators. ACS Synthetic Biology 6 (4), 686-693.

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Z. Bao*, H. Xiao*, J. Liang, L. Zhang, X. Xiong, N. Sun, T. Si, H. Zhao# (2015) Homology-Integrated CRISPR-Cas (HI-CRISPR) system for one-step multigene disruption in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. ACS Synthetic Biology 4 (5), 585-594.

  • ESI highly cited paper

Z. Bao*, R. E. Cobb*, H. Zhao# (2016) Accelerated genome engineering through multiplexing. Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews Systems Biology and Medicine 8 (1), 5-21.

  • Top ten accessed WSBM articles in 2016

H. Xiao*, Z. Bao*, H. Zhao# (2015) High throughput screening and selection methods for directed enzyme evolution. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 54 (16), 4011-4020.

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